Why Mauricio is worried about Kyle reading his book


Mauricio Umansky publishes a book about his views on life, family and business, but he wonders what his wife Kyle will think of it.

Bravo fans know Mauricio Umansky from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; now, the real estate mogul is publishing his first book and eagerly awaiting what his wife, Kyle Richards, will think about it. by Mauricio The real deal will attack “how to succeed in business and in life through dedication, determination and disruption.” Because Mauricio plunges into his exodus from real estate firm Hilton & Hyland, he’s understandably worried about how RHOBH star Kyle could react. The stakes are exceptionally high in light of Kyle’s renewed split with Kathy Hilton after Aspen-gate. However, with a spring 2023 release schedule, she should have more than enough time to give grades.


Mauricio said People this Kyle “I haven’t read it” before adding “I sent it to him yesterday for him to read for the first time. I am [nervous]. She’s going to read my perception of a lot of different things.” Mauricio has likely filtered his raw opinions about his in-laws and the family drama that ensued over the years. However, he wouldn’t publish a book about his outlook on the world if he wasn’t diplomatic in those views. Even though Kyle and Mauricio have a long and very successful marriage, it’s understandable that the tell-all book could raise some tricky topics. Probably among them is his exit from work under his brother-in-law Rick Hilton and the creation of The Agency.

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According Peoplethe book is packed with Mauricio’s insights and lessons on life, business and relationships “as a father, as a husband, as a CEO or as a real estate agent.” He said, “I share these things with the Agency all the time. I feel like I have a lot to share and I want to share it with a wider audience.” RHOBH fans have long been in love with Mauricio for his wife and daughters. It is also often presented as the “the hottest husband in the house” there, with RHOBH fans regularly browsing her Instagram. Bravo fans will no doubt be interested in Mauricio’s two cents on life in the fast lane after years of seeing him succeed at home and at work.

RHOBH Star Kyle Will Appreciate Mauricio’s Charm And Perspective

What makes Mauricio incredibly likeable is his humble on-screen demeanor. Although Mauricio is wildly successful, he generally comes off as goofy and down-to-earth. He sets high standards for his family but in no way comes across as condescending or authoritative. Hopefully this translates into a description of his life that Kyle can relate to. Mauricio also always brings a good time and much-needed comedic relief to the often drama-saturated RHOBH. Lately, fans have been criticizing Mauricio’s newfound friendship with PK Kemsley. However, The real deal and Buy Beverly Hills‘ beginnings are sure to paint it in a new light.

After so much success in the Bravo universe and in the business world, it’s high time for fans to know more about Mauricio. The “hottest husband” a perspective on the drama that fans already know and love and insight into her upbringing and career should show her a new side. Only a few other “stay-at-home husbands” have such an important public image as Mauricio, and it’s hard to imagine him saying something as damaging as Kyle can’t back it up. Maybe Mauricio will pave the way for more of them to share their thoughts on the world and the fast lane of filming. RHOBH.

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