Weekend in town: coffee and books


Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day at 82 degrees. The sky is this true sky blue and the clouds look like they were painted by Bob Ross himself.

“Finally, a break from this rain,” you think. You put on your favorite shoes that make you feel as good as the sun and think about where to explore. A quick Google search directs you south on I-71 toward Covington. You park on a side street and then find yourself walking through a neighborhood with historic homes to the right and left.

If you didn’t know better, you might even convince yourself that you’re a local cruising through Brooklyn.

The sun shines through the trees, hitting you hard as you step out onto the main road. A glance to your right lets you know you’re on the corner of 3rd Street and Greenup, lest you forget where you parked. To your left, what might catch your eye first are the tree-shaded outdoor tables or the sprawling colorful cursive quotes that adorn a few chalkboard spots along the building’s exterior.

Roebling Point Books and Coffee tableau at 3rd St. and Greenup in Covington.Then you see it: “Roebling Point Books and Coffee”. Perfect. What’s better than a good iced coffee and a bestseller? Almost nothing. That’s until you step inside and are instantly struck by the distinct earthy, woody smell of books at different stages of their lives mixed with a hint of coffee beans.

The coffee bar menu offers something as simple as a cup of black coffee or you can try one of their specialty lattes which add things like dark chocolate and amaretto or caramel.

After a warm welcome, grab your coffee and browse the shelves. The shop is grouped into rooms that house a section for children, fiction and poetry, non-fiction and a community room that you can rent for events.

What I found most interesting was that there were no specific genre sections. Instead, the books were categorized into fiction and non-fiction. That way, you might choose a book that you wouldn’t normally choose. Think about it. If you never bother to check out the science fiction section, how will you know how Dunes ends before the release of the second part of the film?

After picking out your new favorite book, you head back outside and turn to see the glistening sun reflecting off the Ohio River. As you walk towards the river, you notice that the street ends in a cul-de-sac and gives way to what might be one of the best views of the Cincinnati skyline.

You sit on a bench near the end of the sidewalk. As you sit and read, you begin to lose yourself in the adventure as the melody hums from the reopened “singing” bridge nearby. But then you pause to cheer along with the roar of the stadium as Kyle Farmer hits another home run.

Amy’s selfie with John Roebling
And if you need proof for your Monday team meeting that you do indeed practice work-life balance, you can take a selfie with John Roebling and say you met a celebrity.


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