Twitch streamer banned for ‘sexually suggestive’ content while reading a book


A Twitch streamer has been left baffled after Twitch banned her for ‘sexually suggestive conduct’ while reading an ‘alien sci-fi novel’ book.

Throughout May 2022, a number of female Twitch streamers were banned for issues related to “sexually suggestive” content or inappropriate attire, including high-profile names like Corinna Kopf.

Twitch is believed to be cutting back on certain types of content that could be deemed suggestive and being stricter about what does and does not violate the platform’s terms of service.

This streamer and YouTuber, Abelina Sabrina, however, was a little shocked when she was banned for reading a love book.

Twitter: abelinasabrina

Sabrina likes to stream romance books, but that now gets her in hot water.

“I got suspended from Twitch for reading,” said Abelina Sabrina in a tweet posted on May 19, along with a screenshot of the ban email stating that it was “sexually suggestive behavior.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said, “We don’t even read these books in a sexual way, Ice Planet Barbarians is written to be outrageous and silly. It’s all for the comedy and the laughs.

Not missing a beat, Sabrina started streaming her reading of the book on YouTube instead, as tweets started pouring in asking Twitch to unsuspend them.

Despite the confusion, Twitch Community Rules about sexual content state that “sharing erotica” is against the rules and include “detailed descriptions” of that content.

Although the suspension is only temporary, the email warns that it may become permanent if repeated, which could push Sabrina to YouTube or another competitor permanently.


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