This new book lets kids choose their own adventure


A new children’s book, telling the story of a youngster on an adventure-filled journey, has been released with the ability to be personalized in three different locations in Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, Mongolia, of Bolivia and the Western Ghats.

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The Unusual Adventures of a Brave Explorer, published by Merlinwand, is an illustrated tale of an inventive young man from a quaint Indian village who craves unusual and exciting adventures in different parts of the world. It is written by author and teacher Pujita Krishna and illustrated by Bengali artist Abira Das.

“The unimaginative young protagonist of my story with a thirst for adventure, pretty much materialized itself! The journeys to distant destinations were a semi-deliberate attempt to educate young readers about lands as well. and cultures they may be unfamiliar with, in a fun way, without sounding informative. The biggest challenge, however, was to write everything in verse and make it fall into place without any details,” said the author.

In the book, according to the illustrator, the main character travels the most dangerous road in the world, travels to the land that dates back to the time of the pharaohs, walks through fascinating bazaars and spectacular landscapes, and rides on Bactrian camels.

“The hardest part was illustrating these amazing places with all the intricate detail, while still being simple enough for the kids. Incredibly grateful to Merlinwand for giving me the opportunity to work on this and create this amazing book that can reach curious minds around the world, with an added element of personalization,” said Das, the book’s illustrator.

The publishing house, which offers children the unique possibility of having the protagonist under their own name, aims to “help children explore the world where they can learn and create in a fun and engaging way”.

“We have another interesting story in the works, titled The land beyond the moon, which is about a child coping with the loss of his pet. Apart from that, we are in the process of linking up with companies to create personalized storybooks,” said Sudarshan Vig, CEO of Merlinwand.

The book, at the cost of 1499, is currently available for sale on the publisher’s website. Merlinwand’s earlier books include The climate ninja, The Tingling Finger, and The music group.

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