The author of Lemont publishes a second children’s book


LEMONT, IL – The second children’s book by Becky Cortesi-Caruso, author of Lemont, may have just been released last month, but plans for “Beautily Biracial: A Young Adoptee’s Journey to Love Herself” are in the works since 2018.

Cortesi-Caruso’s first book, “Chasing Charleigh: An Adoption Story Filled With Hope And Love”, was released in 2019, and introduces her daughter, Charleigh, and the questions she has about how she looks different from her adoptive family. .

In his second book, Charleigh is back, and the book is about tolerance and awareness, as well as the family experience that raised Charleigh in a predominantly white community.

Cortesi-Caruso said she saw the second book as a “natural progression” from the first.

“I voluntarily interviewed her in the first book, to prepare for ‘Beautifully Biracial,’ she said, adding that her first book and this one were written around the same time.

“I wanted to tell a really authentic and really honest story,” Cortesi-Caruso said, noting that she also wanted to put a positive spin on the book’s message, describing how Charleigh and her family rise above and beyond words. tough on race.

The book, published by Marcinson Press, was released on October 11 and can be ordered on Amazon. The book was illustrated by Delaney Lovecchio.


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