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Marvel has become the biggest entertainment brand in the world thanks to its films, but it all comes from the comics. For decades, Marvel comics have told stories that have stood the test of time and epic good versus evil tales that have entertained generations of readers. They still set the bar for all other comic book companies today.

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Marvel publishes numerous books each month, both as monthly issues and as collective editions. There are many gems for readers looking for a complete story or for someone who wants to start reading books every month.

ten The Immortal Hulk: or is he both? Begins a bold new era for the jade giant

Immortal Hulk 1 Feature Header

The Hulk is the strongest in the world, and even death can’t hold him back. The Immortal Hulk: or is he both ?, by writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennet, features the character’s horror elements that have always been hidden beneath the surface. Month after month, it’s one of Marvel’s best titles, and now that it’s over, it’s a great time to catch up. Ewing plays it all brilliantly. The Hulk has always been half-wicked anyway, so using him as a horror movie monster is awesome.

9 Infinity Gauntlet is Marvel’s Biggest Event Book

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet, by writer Jim Starlin and artists George Perez and Ron Lim, is the inspiration behind the first three phases of the MCU and an undisputed classic. This is the story that made Thanos the ultimate Marvel villain for many readers, and it’s full of memorable occasions and important actions that make Event Books work so well.

Infinity Gauntlet he has got everything. Even if a reader has watched every MCU movie, they are going to find something very different from the story they know. It is a cosmic epic that has stood the test of time.

8 Civil War is an action-packed epic that doesn’t stop

Captain America and Iron Man fighting

Civil war, by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, is one of the greatest Marvel books of the past twenty years. Pitting Captain America and Iron Man against each other in a war of ideologies, with the other heroes choosing their sides, he takes the old trope of “fighting superheroes” and takes it up a notch. What follows is an action epic that continues to launch new curves for readers.

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The story may seem like just one big excuse for the heroes to fight, but it’s actually so much more than that. The story works on many levels, asking tough questions with no easy answers.

7 Avengers Forever is a travelogue through the past, present and future of the Avengers.

Avengers forever, by writers Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern and artist Carlos Pacheco, is an unconventional Avengers story, which makes it even better. He brings together a team of familiar-faced Avengers to fight a threat that could destroy everything. It does a great job of smoothing out the continuity of the Avengers while also explaining it.

All this does Avengers forever a must read for all fans. It’s an Avengers story for the ages and the perfect book to make anyone a fan of the team.

6 House Of X / Powers Of X brought the X-Men Roaring back to the forefront

House of X teaser feature

The X-Men had suffered because Marvel didn’t own their movie rights for years, but once Marvel got them back, they went all out. House of X / Powers of X, by writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Pepe Larraz and RB Silva, was their way of bringing the X-Men back to the big leagues. The book had many changes for the X-Men, serving as a big relaunch for one of Marvel’s biggest properties.

Hickman did a lot to rebuild the franchise, giving Mutants power in the world for the first time and bringing his particular sci-fi brand to the story. The art is also fantastic, and there are some great moments for the fans to experience.

5 Moon Knight brought the vigilante back to the fore

With Moon Knight’s upcoming Disney + show, Marvel has decided to give the character another chance. Knight of the Moon, by writer Jed MacKay and artist Alessandro Cappuccio, is a new take on the character, and fans are loving it so far. The big question behind this series is what the Fist of Khonshu looks like without Khonshu. What is a priest without his god?

MacKay took him out of the park, balancing the character’s inherent violence with a deeper look at who Marc Spector is without Khonshu. The art of Cappuccio is the icing on the cake, and the book is just great overall.

4 Thor has become essential again

Thor seated on a throne.

Thor, by writer Donny Cates and artists Nick Klein, started with a bang when Thor became Galactus’ herald. Things escalated from there, as Thor had apocalyptic visions of the future, killed Galactus, faced off against Donald Blake, and more. Cates brought his A-game to this book and kept it at the top of the charts.

Cates and Klein had big shoes to fill, but they did an amazing job. The book has been to so many different places no one has ever suspected, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It provides the great action and adventure that Thor needs.

3 The New Mutants did an amazing job accentuating the mutant community

X-Men New Mutants The Five Clones 2

New mutants, by writer Vita Ayala and artist Rod Reis, took a different approach with the book than the previous creative team. With Magik, Karma, Mirage, Warpath, and Wolfsbane as the next generation teachers on Krakoa, it also stars young mutants like No-Girl, Scout, Rain Boy, and Cosmar as they learn the ropes of synergies. mutants.

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Ayala did a great job during their run, instilling a sense of community in New mutants that most other X-Men books paradoxically lack. They’ve been working on an epic that pits the team and their students against the Shadow King, and that’s one of the best things going on right now.

2 Wolverine is X-Men’s first solo book

X-Men Wolverine Hell Bride 2

Wolverine, by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert, has been killing him since the first issue. Showcasing Marvel’s most dangerous mutant in Dark Operations Vampire Adventures, Omega Red, mutant Arakko Solem, and more, it’s a guaranteed tour de force with every issue. Percy writes the best Wolverine since Larry Hama, and the book is action-packed across the post-Krakoan world.

Kubert does some of the best art of his long career, and it really complements Percy’s scripts. Wolverine’s adventures haven’t been this captivating in years.

1 Eternals is just amazing

Eternals Ikaris Gilgamesh

Eternal, by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribic, has a revolutionary feel and every issue is amazing. The Eternals aren’t the most well-known Marvel property, but Gillen and Ribic are the perfect team for the book. Gillen brings an otherworldly quality to the whole – he writes in a way that readers can truly believe that the Eternals are immortal and divine beings.

Esad Ribic’s art captures the regal feel of the Eternals, and the entire book is a treat. There’s a fight with Thanos that’s amazing in issue six, and the big reveal at the end of that issue recontextualizes the Eternals forever. It’s storytelling at its best.

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