Saginaw County READ Association Gets New Literacy Center


SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) – Saginaw County READ is building a new literacy center.

After more than a year of virtual programming and limited in-person activities, the program is providing tutors, mentors, and more, as well as expanded hours during the summer months.

“There really is a need there. Our motivation remains the children, we really want them to have a successful life. And so, we are working to find these opportunities so that they can progress and develop their reading skills,” said Cynthia Pape, the director of the association.

READ is expanding into a space just down the hall called the Carolyn Otto Family Literacy Center.

“I had been walking down the hall to kinda see what was there, we got some, someone left the building and so, just looking over there and kind of just sort of ‘imagining what it could be one day, and thinking well, would that ever be an opportunity,’ Pape said.

READ will continue to deliver books to homes and offer programs in schools and libraries, but the additional space will allow them to expand their schedules and opportunities.

“Saginaw County has had reading scores in the past that have indicated low scores for reading in particular and so with that there is a pathway to get the services they need and we want to be part of that. solution,” Pape said.

Pape has teamed up with the STARS transportation service to make sure getting to the new center isn’t a hassle.

“We really want to limit the time and effort families have to put in to get here. And so curb-to-curb service really makes the most sense for them. So we’re going to use our fleet of wellness rides to be able to pick up families and bring them to the program here,” said Jamie Forbes, Director of External Affairs at STARS.

Pape hopes to open the new center in mid-summer, with a grand opening around the start of the new school year.

If you would like to donate new or lightly used books to the READ Association, you can email


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