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“The typical teacher spends an average of 46% of their time in school teaching,” according to EdWeek Research Center & Merrimack College, 2022

A great series for early childhood character building. Fun facts about the main animal featured in the story and helpful tips on how to maximize and personalize the learning potential of the story.

— Darlene Wohlfeil, Editor, Story Monsters Ink

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, September 6, 2022 / — Baxter’s Corner now offers FREE lesson plans for each of our books in support of primary school teachers. “We want to help improve the time teachers spend with their students,” said Mary Ellen Stottmann, Chef Crayon and CEO of Baxter’s Corner. “Our team has been tweaking these lesson plans for a while. They complement our after story section to help adults in conversations with a child. Once a teacher becomes familiar with our GoBeyond section, they will realize how easy it is to edit, which helps keep everyone interested.

“We were in a great position in June 2020 to feature Gerome’s Rainbow by author Stephanie L. Logsdon. Children are intelligent regardless of age, only no experience yet. This story is a perfect aid to help parents explain the reason for all this tension,” says Stottmann. Baxter’s Corner is a company based in Louisville, Kentucky. “Baxter’s Corner has created a line of children’s books for children ages 3 months to 8 years old. Our goal is to give parents and educators a tool to help develop emotionally and spiritually healthy children through engaging stories and engaging activities that build relationships and explore values. .”

Many of the company’s books are timely, given current events in 2020, and can be particularly useful for caregivers teaching children life lessons. For example, respect and public health go hand in hand. Ellema Sneezes features an elephant whose sneezes are disruptive and disrespectful, while Why Stop for Tajo? teaches respect for the rules.

The company’s latest book, Who’s Who with Mr. McBoom, also by Stephanie, discusses family values, which is especially fitting given how many different family types there are. As a Shelby County teacher and mother of two young sons, Stephanie places a high value on books that help children process their experiences and what they see in the world at large. Not only has she used the books with her children and students, but she is also Baxter’s Corner’s chief scorer (reviewer, advisor). “Stephanie has created read aloud videos for us of our books during Covid that are on Facebook for parents and caregivers to use. She helps develop the GoBeyond sections in each book and is currently involved in creating a program for preschool teachers called Transforming Storytime,” says Stottmann.

Families and teachers who want to immerse their children and students in the characters of Baxter’s Corner can add the puppets and wall art to picture books to bring stories to life. When you pair our books with their lesson plan and puppet, learning becomes play! With this version we release a discount code, ZD14J1SRP4Z8 to be used at checkout for purchases over $150.00 off 32%.

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