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This topic covers a lot of ground in my mind. Depending on what you read, you can escape your day or learn something new. It can be pure pleasure or an investment in yourself and your future. It means reading the news and knowing what is happening in the world. This means reading fiction and non-fiction, and can include career and business-related books. For me, reading for all of these reasons is important and adds value to my life, whether it’s an entertaining fictional book, an article on an area of ​​law relevant to my practice, or a a book on a general business topic like networking. or management.

As for the news, read what you want, like the the wall street journalthe New York Timesthe Washington Post or other newspapers (or listen to news-related podcasts). Better yet, read or skim through two, preferably with different grips, like leaning left or right. Reading from different points of view allows you to deal with issues, ideas and positions. It will also help you develop your own point of view from a well-read place because you have educated yourself on the issues. You can create time to do this by stalling out time with your morning coffee or for a mid-morning break. Knowing what’s going on locally, nationally and globally is part of being a citizen of where you live and of the larger, wider world.

Reading books counts too. Reading the type of book you like is more important. I alternate between fiction and non-fiction. For non-fiction books, I alternate between biographies and business-related books. I usually use my time reading books to get away from work and the accumulated thoughts of my day, but sometimes I hear about a business book that I find intriguing and I’m ready to read something to make me think or try to improve some aspect of my life or business. You should read anything that motivates you to read. This is not a contest to read the classics or more business books than someone else you know. It’s your time, so choose what you read based on your interests.

The best part of it is taking time for yourself and it has other benefits as well. This will help you be a generalist of the news and other topics you read. It will also allow you to be a specialist in specific areas in which you have a real interest. The two combine to make you more interesting to talk about at a networking event or when chatting with friends and family. You will be able to have a conversation with anyone, which will give you opportunities.


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