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Please keep dogs on a leash in Barnes Butte Recreation Area; LGBTQ+ books in Crook County Library’s children’s section are cause for concern

Please keep dogs on a leash in Barnes Butte Recreation Area

A winning photo in your Barnes Butte Recreation Area Photo Contest featuring an off-leash dog inspires me to write this letter.

To the wild dog owners using Barnes Butte Recreation Area: I love dogs, but not everyone loves YOUR dog. My property taxes go to this area, so I and others have the right to be able to walk, run, or hike these trails without being approached, charged, or chased by your off-leash dog.

At the Town of Prineville and Crook County Parks and Recreation, which operate the Barnes Butte complex (most of which is within the city limits), there is a leash law regulating dogs in the town of Prineville: Ordinance No. 863, in particular sections 1b,c and 2b. Designated off-leash dog parks around town have better signage than most others that should require leashes.

My suggestion to the city is to fence off an area just off the main Barnes Butte trailhead parking lot and add a covered area with some benches. There the dogs can run free before being leashed to walk or run on the trails.

To owners of leashed dogs, thank you for protecting me, others and your own dogs.

Alicia Teaford


LGBTQ+ books in Crook County Library’s children’s section are cause for concern

I recently attended a meeting of the Crook County Library Board with a few questions regarding the addition of LGBTQ+ books, after what some mothers had experienced in the children’s section. I was not on the public comment agenda, so I appreciate that April graciously allowed me to ask my questions and in fact answered them.

The generous addition of LGBTQ+ books is concerning. These include: gender pronouns (picture books), gender identity, transgender, drag queens, etc.

I asked if the library was planning a drag queen story time. His response was that the library schedule was full and none had been scheduled. I asked if that was a “hard no” or a “not at this time”.

It wasn’t a hard no.

I also asked about the procedure for deciding which books to buy. It was explained that a committee of three staff members uses a list of recommendations from the National Library (title uncertain). The committee had a lot of free time when the library was closed due to COVID closures. They then decided to increase LGBTQ+ representation in the library, including the children’s section. It has been confirmed that these book purchases were a decision of the committee and not requested by the public.

I wondered if it was possible to place these books in their own space so parents could feel comfortable allowing their children to explore the library again. I was told, “No. We don’t want to stigmatize a group of children.

Steins Pillar Elementary no longer uses the public library. Parents of some students became aware of the addition of these books and it was decided to discontinue their visits.

Library board meetings are open to the public.

Michael Custer


Vote yes to the Bowman Museum tax measure

A yes vote on November 8 for the Bowman Museum will ensure that our community is always well served with the many benefits it provides of educational opportunities – cultural events, historical lectures and tours and more, not excluding the free community hall available for various gatherings.

We encourage you to join us in voting yes to this measure.

Bill and Dixie Weberg


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