One of gaming’s greatest writers is busy crafting romance novels


Do you still play games by yourself for fun?

I haven’t done that in recent years. This side of my brain – I’ve always been a person who had to have something like this. I am very obsessive. So I spent a few years doing puzzles, hundreds. I was a crossword addict and a solitaire addict, and my current thing now is that I do quilting, which is actually a lot like, you cut things and put them together in different patterns. It’s very model oriented. But I mean, I’ve been a gamer my whole life, basically. But not so much recently. This very detailed little part of my brain, it loves that stuff.

Have you thought about doing a crossover with your romance work, like a gay romance visual novel?

I would if there was a good opportunity. I was contacted by an interactive fiction company a few years ago, and I did something for them. They were a new startup. I wrote a story, but they had a really weird system. They were trying to sell coins for different emotions. And they had all these strict rules about how you had to write it, so people had to buy emotion pieces. And then when they went public, they ended up becoming user-generated content.

So I’ve seen some of them like, they’re very popular with the new generation on iPads and all, these interactive fiction games with very cartoony graphics. I really like trying new things, so I’m always ready to do something new if an opportunity arises. But I haven’t really researched it, mainly because I’ve been on that treadmill getting my books out so quickly. It takes a lot of energy from me.

What about a crossover in your audience? Do any of your fans follow both your games and your romance work?

A few, not many, but sometimes I meet someone who says they found me through Gabriel Knightfound my romance through Gabriel Knight.

I feel like there’s always been this almost romantic streak in Gabriel’s stories. What prompted you to get into love?

I do not think so. It’s just a reflection of who I am as a writer. My two loves are horror and romance, and it sounds really psychotic, but I read romance growing up, and I read tons of horror growing up, and the two had a thread in Gabriel Chevalier. Gabriel was definitely a classic rogue character, the womanizing bad boy you can’t help but love and be attracted to.

When I discovered your Eli Easton work, I felt so vindicated, because The beast within had this incredibly homoerotic tension in it.

Yeah, it’s interesting that it comes out then. I think at that time I had never written a gay romance, obviously. But I was really influenced by Anne Rice, and she always had a lot of homoerotic tension in her stories, and sometimes more than that. cry to the sky is one of my favorite Anne Rice books. He’s a castrato, and he has a long-term relationship with another man, and that kind of came out in this book. But the interest has always been there and has been fully expressed more recently.


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