New picture book uses great collages and simple repetitions to teach elementary kids about the food chain


This Is the Sun will be released on October 4, 2022.

Cover for Este es el Sol

The Spanish edition, Este es el Sol, will be available at the same time

Beautiful collage art illustrations introduce the concept of the food chain

DC Publisher publishes English and Spanish editions of life science children’s book about energy, the circle of life and the sun at the center of it all

With vibrant illustrations, This is the Sun is a wonderful and whimsical introduction to the power of the sun that sustains all life on earth.

— Alexandra Roosenburg, Founder/Director, Capitol Learning Academy

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 21, 2022 / — It’s the sun that makes the world go round! science naturally is delighted to present This Is the Sun, Elizabeth Everett’s first children’s book. It will be released at the same time as the Spanish edition, Este es el Sol.

From the smallest animal to the largest tree, everything on Earth is connected through the circle of life. This beautiful picture book, which can be read aloud with preschoolers or used as a one-on-one reading activity with elementary school students, uses rhythmic repetition to introduce young children to the shining star that provides energy to all life on Earth.

In this charming story, readers follow a sapling that uses sunlight to make its own food, then transmits its energy up the food chain…until it returns to a brand new shoot sprouting towards the Sun! Have fun reading because each living thing in the food web provides energy to the next over and over again.

“With vibrant illustrations, This is the Sun is a wonderful and whimsical introduction to the power of the sun as it powers all life on earth,” says Alexandra Roosenburg, founder and director of the Capitol Learning Academy in Washington, DC. “This book develops the inquisitive minds of young readers, animal lovers and budding scientists. As an educator, I know children will enjoy ‘reading’ the pictures while listening to the story.

This Is the Sun is illustrated by Indonesian artist Evelline Andrya, whose unique and vibrant collage art grows with the increasingly multi-layered story. Through its illustrations, readers will be able to search for the insect, spider, lizard, fox, etc. as they move through each of the pages and grow to create a complete ecosystem.

This book gives readers insight into how all living things are connected through the circle of life and the role the Sun plays in making it all possible. More than just a fun picture book that inspires kids to get caught up in the repeating pattern, This Is the Sun encourages curiosity about the plants and animals we see all around us.

The Spanish edition, Este es el Sol, will also be published in October along with the English edition. Science Naturally is committed to making reading materials accessible and available to all readers. This title, like all global language editions published by Science Naturally, aims to keep non-native English speakers, as well as Spanish learners, excited about nature-related topics and inspired to learn more.

A comprehensive teacher’s guide will be available in English and can be downloaded free of charge from the publisher’s website. This guide offers discussion questions, hands-on activities, and experiments to expand the content of the book and provide opportunities for parents, educators, and librarians to engage children.

Author Elizabeth Everett spent 16 years as a teacher before taking up writing. She lives in Colorado with her husband and son where they spend a lot of time outdoors in the western sun. This is his first book; her next books, Twinkle, Twinkle, Daytime Star and Spheres All Year, will be released in 2023. She can be reached at

Artist Evelline Andrya was born in Sumatra, Indonesia. She grew up with Chinese and Javanese cultures. His passion for illustration began at a very young age. She was influenced by vintage greeting cards she found in her grandmother’s drawer, comic books, old picture books and animated films. His style of illustration is a mixture of traditional medium and digital collage. She lives in Jakarta with her husband and three children. Find her on Instagram @evellineandrya.

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It’s the sun
Written by Elizabeth Everett • Illustrated by Evelline Andrya
English • Ages 4-7 • 10 x 8″ • 32 pages
Hardcover ($14.95) ISBN: 978-938492-81-5
Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-82-2
eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-83-9

Este es el Sol
Written by Elizabeth Everett • Illustrated by Evelline Andrya
Spanish • 4-7 years old • 10 x 8″ • 32 pages
Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-84-6
eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-85-3

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