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Every week, The Hollywood Reporter will offer the best new (and newly relevant) books that everyone will be talking about – whether it’s an adaptation-ready tome, a new Hollywood-centric tale, or the source material for a hot new TV show.

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Skydiving Women by Elizabeth Winder (Literary LoTurco)

Everyone knows The Rolling Stones, but fewer know the four women whose sense of adventure and craftsmanship helped build the band. Here, Winder places Marianne Faithfull, Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger and Anita Pallenberg at the forefront of the story.

The Biloxi Boys by John Grisham (The Gernert Co.)

The legal thriller author’s latest outing is one of his most epic. It’s the story of two friends who grew up in 1960s Mississippi as the drama of the Dixie Mafia – gangsters who ruled Biloxi – swirled around them, haunting both leads into adulthood. .

My First Popsicle: An Anthology of Food and Feelingsedited by Zosia Mamet (Janklow & Nesbit)

The Flight attendant star relies on a few of her famous (and literary-minded) friends — from Kaley Cuoco to David Sedaris — for a collection of first-person musings on memorable meals. There are Julia and Julia-like delights just waiting to be translated to the screen.

The day of liberation by George Saunders (CAA)

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman’s adaptation of Lincoln at Bardo may be stalled, but Saunders continues to produce compelling material. This time, the acclaimed author publishes a collection of short stories that explores the (very timely) sense of community and ethics.

Flight by Lynn Steger Strong (UTA)

In a family stone-like turn, the author’s third novel follows a reunion of adult siblings for the first Christmas after the death of their mother. As they reunite in upstate New York, their various triggers and traumas — financial issues, childlessness, and stalled careers, to name a few — converge for a difficult vacation.

Now is not the time to panic by Kevin Wilson (UTA)

A famous author, who once wreaked havoc in her childhood hometown with a provocative, anonymous piece of art, begins to spin in circles when a reporter contacts her as part of an investigation into the age-old drama. several decades.

recommended reading

The world we create by NK Jemisin

Finally, Jemisin wraps up his Great Cities duology, which began with the 2020s The city we have become and reinvents the boroughs of New York as sensitive characters. In the sequel, the city is tasked with fending off a mayoral candidate who proselytes xenophobia and over-policing.

Anon please. by Twome

While it may not be the eye-opening nonfiction that followers of the anonymous Instagram celebrity gossip account crave, this new novel is a juicy rendition of the life of an assistant to a high-profile celebrity stylist who decides to channel her workplace rage into something that closely resembles real life Deuxmoi. Until the admins come out publicly, this is the best place to turn for clues.


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