New book releases in January 2022


Am I the only one who doesn’t believe that we are approaching a new year? It’s like yesterday we were hopping and jumping in 2021, too ready to say goodbye to 2020. My wish for this new year is for health and happiness, and of course, some good books. Fortunately, January 2022 offers some wonderful readings. Check out some ideas for your TBR New Year below!

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Snow Angel, Sand Angel by Lois-Ann Yamanaka, illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky (January 4)

In an effort to read as many books as possible each year, I keep an eye out for picture book releases. If you don’t regularly read picture books, you are missing out. Not only are they marvels to the eyes with magnificent works of art, but they are a godsend of wisdom and heart. Snow Angel, Sand Angel is a beautifully illustrated book on Hawa’ii and a great read for kids and adults alike.



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African city by Charles Waters and Irene Latham (January 4)

Chronicle of a devastating and hidden part of America’s past, African city is a novel in verse told from various perspectives by slave laborers towards the end of the Civil War. Among the last Africans brought to America after the ban on slave labor, the impact of this story is still felt today. An important and necessary reading, this book is destined to be one of the best books of 2022.


The ivory key by Akshaya Raman (January 4)

I totally judge this book by its magnificent cover. My judgment says it’s going to be a lush and amazing read. And I’m always up for a book about sibling relationships, especially when they’re apart and have to work together to survive. The angst and emotional journey these characters will take are sure to make the pages fly.

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30 things I love about me by Radhika Sanghani (January 4)

The perfect read to kick off the New Year, this romantic comedy could be a great book example of that “New Year, New You” spirit. Hilarious, inspiring, and drawn from aspects of the author’s life, this fun read could inspire all of us to give ourselves a little more love in 2022.

Wednesday Books

When you get the chance by Emma Lord

I’ll read anything and everything Emma Lord reads because her books end up being my favorite of the year. Her stories are always filled with charming characters and wit, set against the backdrop of real life issues. Add to the fact that this book is basically a reverse Mama mia ode to the children of the theater and I can already imagine sleepless nights by finishing this book because it is just too good.

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Serendipita: ten romantic tropes, transformed edited by Marissa Meyer (January 4)

Marissa Meyer leads this delightful romantic anthology alongside some of the most talented names in YA fiction such as Leah Johnson, Anna-Marie McLemore and Caleb Roehrig. Inclusive and humorous, each contributor shares their own take on a favorite trope: fake dates, friends to lovers, a bed. I feel a perfect use of the gift card money after the holidays!

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Echoes and Empires by Morgan Rhodes (January 4)

You don’t have to know Morgan Rhodes’ fantastic Falling Kingdoms series to be excited about it. Filled with forbidden magic, romance enemy of lovers, and nuanced side characters, this book will fill the place that Shelby Mahurin Gods and monsters and Margaret Rogerson Vespertine left behind.


The narrator by Kathryn Williams (January 11)

Fans of Anastasia, get ready for this multigenerational saga of a girl’s quest to find out if her Aunt Anna really is the Lost Princess. With the help of a cute, silly student and her aunt’s diaries, Jess sets out to solve the mystery. Is this real life or just a story? And what can reconstructing this mystery teach him about writing his own life story?

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Ashes of gold by J. Elle (January 11)

The eagerly awaited sequel to J. Elle’s debut, Wings of fury, this exciting second book will thrill readers desperate to learn more about Rue and her world. Will Rue finally be able to reclaim the lands of her people? Can she be the leader her people need? We won’t have to wait long to find out!

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The Sussex Mermaid by Mimi Matthews (January 11)

This daring historical fictional romance introduces readers to the Pretty Horsebreakers, cutting-edge Victorian equestrian and courtesans who have shunned society’s conventions, and a young lady who needs to compete with their looks to make a match. and save his family. With the help of a tailor who fights for her own place in high society, Evelyn Maltrevers crosses obstacles (on horseback and on foot). Fans of Bridgerton will delight the debut of this series which explores colonization, race, class and, of course, romance.

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The Parisian bookseller by Kerri Maher (January 11)

Have you ever heard of the much loved literary institution in Paris, Shakespeare and Company? The Parisian bookseller delve into the history of this charming and historic bookstore and the woman at the heart of this exquisite historical fiction.


my good friend by Jennieke Cohen (January 11)

I like when a book is described as ‘cheeky’, so I already guess I’ll like my good friend, a historical novel by YA which is both an ode to My beautiful lady and its predecessor, Pygmalion. Add some charming culinary fiction to the mix and I have no doubt this will be a favorite book of early 2022.

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the night owl by Jodi Meadows (January 11)

Jodi Meadows’ duology debut promises sprawling, epic fantasy filled with jaw-dropping characters, slow-burning romance, and climactic action. Dark and intriguing, thrilling and action-packed, readers will be clamoring for Volume 2 before they finish the final pages of this book.

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Ain’t burnt all bright by Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin (January 14)

All I have to do is see Jason Reynold’s name on a book to instantly know it’s going to change my life. This mixed press release about the reality of being black in America right now, written with Jason Reynold’s best friend Jason Griffin, will be an instant classic and should be read for all ages.


icebreaker by AL Graziadei (January 18)

Attention to all Check it out, please Fans! I’ve got your next read here – the rival sports romance we’ve desperately needed since the last volume of Check it out, please came out of. Miss Bitty and Jack? May I introduce Mickey and Jaysen to you? It was nothing!

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The lock eater by Zach Loran Clark (January 18)

The Lock Eater is an epic fantasy, about an orphan’s ability to unlock anything (secrets included) is a premise I didn’t know I needed until now. For fans of Neverland and Howl’s moving castle (Enough said) I need this intermediate level in my hands now. I don’t even think I can wait until the end of January.


Goliath by Tochi Onyebuchi (January 25)

Any reader of science fiction and fantasy knows that Tochi Onyebuchi’s world-building and stories are legendary. Goliath is no exception. Described as its most ambitious story ever written, this sweeping, biblical saga will intrigue science fiction fans both new and established.



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