Matthew Black’s new book ‘Y10K Fractured’ is a fantasy adventure novel that takes readers on a fascinating journey through time to a fallen kingdom


Matthew Black, a family-oriented transit worker, has finished his new book “Y10K Fractured”: a compelling story about all the mysteries that unfold in a fallen kingdom.

Black’s novel is an intimate look at several generations living in a small kingdom, in which he writes: “An empire that has existed for nearly ten thousand years is falling. In its fall are left behind the fractured fragments of various kingdoms struggling to survive and rise again. Fast forward to a few centuries after the fall and the last heir to the imperial throne quietly dies in obscurity as a minor noble in one of these kingdoms. One of his twin sons mysteriously disappears. Fast forward again, this time the kingdom is being extinguished. Her new king and coruler struggle to understand the mysteries left behind by the previous king’s death in his final year, as well as the simmering intrigue within the court, an intrigue from which they are distracted by the sudden arrival of a stranger in their midst. Who is he? And why does the most hated man in the kingdom care about him?

Published by Page Publishing, Matthew Black’s bold tale takes readers into the powerful story of a fallen empire. Black’s choice to jump back in time gives this novel a generational perspective that allows the story to go deeper. Readers are privileged to experience a deeply detailed account of this collapsing kingdom.

Chapter after chapter, readers discover what mysteries lurk within the fractured fragments of this realm. A crumbling centuries-old empire, missing children, and mysteries left behind by a dying king, readers can see firsthand all the battles this kingdom fights. The story is built on these battles and sparks intense intrigue for all readers.

Readers who want to experience this adventurous work can purchase “Y10K Fractured” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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