March Lions’ new book ‘The Last Sunset’ is a bizarre sci-fi novel about sisters who are drawn to opposite sides of an intergalactic war


NEW YORK – November 23, 2022 – (

Fulton Books author March Lions has completed his most recent book “The Last Sunset”: a suspenseful science fiction novel that takes readers on an unforgettable adventure.

Two little girls sitting in the back of a car are involved in a terrible accident and their mother dies. An alien spaceship hovering in the storm above witnesses the event and teleports the girls from the burning car. The girls are taken to the alien’s homeworld on the other side of the galaxy. Upon arrival, they are separated and never told that they were rescued from a burning vehicle on a planet on the other side of the galaxy.

Twenty-six years later, they head to Earth on opposing sides of good and evil. However, they do not know that they are sisters, let alone earthlings. The younger sister is an agent of the alien, Captain Arantose, who wants to conquer or destroy the Earth for its precious raw materials. The mission of the other sister is either to protect the Earth or to let it be destroyed.

Earth’s eyes cannot see every inch of space and spot an intruder, with good or bad intentions, who might sneak in and take over or destroy Earth. When these aliens arrive, will Earth be able to survive?

Author March Lions was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York City when he was five with his parents. He didn’t speak English at all, but he was still enrolled in public school. He learned the English language and the culture of New York. He thrived in primary and secondary school while learning Spanish at home. He learned about the connections and heritage of the island and its people.

Shortly before his nineteenth birthday, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and left for boot camp in mid-April. Becoming a US Marine was one of his goals. He felt that if he was going to serve his country in the military, he might as well go with the best fighting force. After a boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, he was trained in tactics and jungle warfare. He knew his destiny was to go to the Republic of South Vietnam, but he didn’t regret it for a moment. In November he was ordered to report for transport to South Vietnam. He was granted a two-week leave, and on the morning of Thanksgiving Day 1966, he left his family and friends to defend and protect the people of South Vietnam from the communist north.

He was well trained to defend the people of South Vietnam and to protect his fellow marines. During the last week of September the following year, an explosive device was detonated under him while on patrol. His world would never be the same again. The blast traumatized his left leg just above the knee and his right leg up to his hip. He didn’t think life was over because he knew the Marines would do everything possible to save his life.

Six months later, he was in the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia and fitted with artificial legs, but he knew walking was unrealistic. Confined to a wheelchair, he became a federal government employee to help other veterans get what he already had: respect and a job. While in federal service, he was part of a group of specialists involved in drafting and revising federal employment laws and regulations for disabled veterans, Vietnam-era veterans and other severely disabled people. While working in the federal government, he attended community college in the evenings. He completed his college education online and earned a bachelor’s degree in general studies. He retired from the workforce in 2012, but is now doing what he loves and loves a lot: writing.

Author March Lions writes: “At twenty-four, Diane Sarah Trey was already a widow. She still remembers the moment when her life changed forever. Her husband, a US Marine stationed in the Middle East, was killed while on routine patrol when she was five months pregnant with her second child. The tragedy made her emotionally unstable. Unfortunately, mothers don’t have much time to collect their emotions when they have to take care of a family. The father of her children had left behind two beautiful young daughters. Their ages are now two years old and the others three months old. She swore to raise them as their father would have wanted. She loved and dearly protected her daughters with all her might. They were her world and the only link she had left with her late husband.

Published by Fulton Books, March Lions’ book invites readers to find out if Earth’s rulers will bargain and save its people. Will the inhabitants of the Earth be ready to sacrifice everything or die?

Readers who wish to experience this chilling work can purchase “The Last Sunset” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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March Lions’ new book ‘The Last Sunset’ is a bizarre sci-fi novel about sisters who are drawn to opposite sides of an intergalactic war


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