Louisiana Literature: Former LSU Athlete Arthur C. Price III Tells His Story in New Book, “For the Man Who Walks Tall” Books


Arthur C. Price III, who raced on the track at LSU and is now a professional track athlete, tells his story of overcoming adversity in his new book, “For the Man Who Walks Tall”.

What does it take to become a king? This is the question Price says he has asked all his life. And it is this question that has led to a constant search for answers.

Price writes that he has encountered many defining trials in his life, according to a press release on the book. Yet by embracing the power to “walk high,” Price has declared that he is able to overcome adversity.

Price says that since he was a child he has been fascinated by kings and always knew he wanted to become a full king.

“Deep down, Arthur wanted to be more than his surroundings offered. In order to do that, Arthur knew he would have to leave his own defining mark on the world. However, during his ‘royal’ journey, Arthur would experience many lives. – defining events such as death, racism, identity crises, etc. ”, the statement said.

Price found the strength to endure, being part of two championship teams at LSU and achieving individual All-American status. He also competed in the 2021 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Great People Face Great Struggles is the general theme of “For the Tall Man”, which can be purchased at amazon.com.

Price’s next book, “Shadow of the King,” is in production. For more information, visit arthurpriceiii.com.


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