Local farm brings life science education to Lincoln Douglas Elementary School


QUINCY (WGEM) – Children at Lincoln Douglas Elementary School in Quincy had the chance to learn about farming on Friday.

Hilltop Home and Farms offered life science lessons to all grades in the school, with topics ranging from animal first aid to egg incubation.

Clare Smith led the class and she said the children have really enjoyed them so far.

“Children are fascinated by animals. It’s really easy to get their attention with the baby birds we bring. But then we try to use that to get them to learn something that’s age-appropriate. So younger kids will only talk about the life cycle…you know, egg to chick to adult chicken and then back. With the older kids, we might talk about the different races,” Smith said.

She used different methods to lead the lessons, including picture books and games involving the students.

After the class session, the students were then led by his son to the adult chickens and chicks.

She said she started classes as a way to bring field trips to school after the pandemic hit.

Classes will continue at Lincoln Douglas on Tuesday, and she hopes to bring the classes to more schools in the future.

Students in Miss Blickhan and Mrs. Traynor’s fifth grade class learn about egg incubation.(WGEM)

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