Lindsey Wood’s new book “Tell Me Your Story” is an evocative work weaving together five compelling stories illuminating everyday American life through the centuries.



Lindsey Wood, a history buff who grew up in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York, graduated from Wells College with a bachelor’s degree in history, earned a master’s degree in museum studies at the University Johns Hopkins and worked and volunteered in various museums, historical societies and restoration efforts, completed his new book “Tell Me Your Story”: a compilation of stories and poetry celebrating the connections forged between tangible objects and their movement through time for future generations.

Have you ever stood in a historic building and tried to imagine what the people who lived or worked there experienced? Or have you wondered how many other faces a darkened mirror reflected? Maybe you looked at a museum exhibit and wished the objects could tell you how they got there. Eight stories and poems, inspired by family heirlooms, museum collections and local history, explore the tangible connections that objects and places create through time and the power to pass stories down through generations.

Author Lindsey Wood imagines the stories behind everyday objects, from trips across the country from a family quilt to conversations around a spinning wheel. Short stories bring to life eight-year-old Hugh Morrison, caught in the crossfire at the Battle of Fort Montgomery, and Sybil Ludington’s dedication to the revolutionary cause and his family. Newspaper articles and local lore weave together to form the stories of people living in New York’s heyday and rediscovering appreciation for Peekskill’s rich history.

Published by Page Publishing, Lindsey Wood’s compelling book is a great choice for history buffs of all ages.

Readers who wish to explore this compelling work can purchase “Tell Me Your Story” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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