IRS Officer Sahil Seth Launches His Book ‘A Confused Mind Story’


Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Joint Commissioner GST, Custom & Narcotics and young influencer, Sail Seth launched his book titled “A Confused Mind Story”. The book was launched and the first look was unveiled in the presence of European Union Health Minister Sh Mansukh L Mandaviya.

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The book was published by Blue Rose publishing house, one of the leading publishers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in India. The book is based on the contrast between the spiritual and material world. The book depicts the answers behind the common man’s confusion in everyday life and explains the logic behind the meaning of life and the belief system.

About the book:

The book has 23 life-changing chapters that include topics explaining divine god, beliefs and myths, concept of afterlife, concept of shunya, science of god, fate or hard work? , the gene theory the world of infinite memory, the placebo effect science behind prayers, does hell or heaven exist? The world exists within us, where to find the mountain or forest god? , the importance of Japa and many other interesting topics. All of these topics help explain the importance of spirituality in our lives.

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IRS officer Sahil Seth launches his book


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