How Mat’s decision in episode 6 changes the story of his book on the Wheel of Time



Mat’s big decision in Episode 6 of The Wheel of Time apparently changed the course of his story from the books. Here’s what that means for his future.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Wheel of time Season 1, Episode 6.

The shocking decision of Mat Cauthon in The wheel of time episode 6 threatens to change its story in the books of Robert Jordan. Although he was cured by Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), Mat (Barney Harris) surprised his fellow travelers by choosing not to accompany them through the Ways. The episode ended with Mat ignoring their calls to follow them through the Waygate.

All season, Mat has been a top contender to be the Dragon Reborn. To Rand (Josha Stradowski), it made sense that he was the one Moiraine was looking for, given his growing paranoia and apparent insanity. Thanks to the warnings he received from Thom (Alexandre Willaume), Rand sought to keep her and the other Aes Sedai away from Mat, believing they would try to calm him down. But now he knows that what afflicted Mat was not the One Power at all – it was the ruby-hilted dagger he had stolen from Shadar Logoth. Fortunately, Moiraine discovered Rand and Mat’s presence in Tar Valon and managed to purge him of the evil taint from the dagger.


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At first it seemed like the show’s dagger reveal allayed Rand and Thom’s suspicions, but Moiraine said that didn’t rule him out entirely, especially since Mat has shown resilience. impressive living the ordeal. At the end of Wheel of time In Episode 6, Mat was supposed to accompany them in the Eyes of the World to solve the mystery of the Dragon Reborn, but chose not to participate in their next adventure, which risks complicating Moiraine’s plan. More importantly, this has major implications for Mat’s story in Wheel of time season 2 because it could prevent certain events on the books from happening. Here’s what happened in the book’s version of the story, what motivated Mat’s choice, and what it may mean for his future.

Mat’s role in The World’s End explained

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Towards the end of The wheel of time first book, Eye of the world, Moiraine used his healing ability on Mat, but that didn’t completely sever his connection to the dagger. She said he should later be taken to the White Tower and healed properly. Subsequently, she formed a group for a mission that would lead them through the Ways. Besides herself, it consisted of Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve and Loial. Their goal was to reach the Eye of the World, which housed a hidden pool of pure saidin (the male half of the One Power). It was believed that the Darkover’s servants were after him.

They crossed the Waygate and set off on an adventure through Fal Dara and into the Scourge. Mat, like everyone in the group, experienced all the obstacles they had to go through to get to the Eye of the World, including a meeting with Padan Fain, the black friend who caused the attack on the Trollocs on Two Rivers. They also met two members of the Forsaken and the Eye of the World plant keeper, the Green Man. Along with Lan, Loial, and Perrin, Mat entered the Eye of the World and found a secret treasure chest. It was there that they found the banner of the last dragon (Lews Therin) and a powerful artifact known as the Horn of Valere.

Why Mat Didn’t Go Through the Waygate (and What That Means)

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Wheel of time Episode 6 gathered the exact same group of characters together for the Eye of the World mission, but oddly left one out when entering the Paths. Why Mat remained silent during their departure was never explained, but it makes sense that his decision was prompted at least in part by his distrust of the Aes Sedai and his fears of channeling. When the Aes Sedai paraded Logain (Álvaro Morte) through the streets of Tar Valon, Mat asked Rand to kill him if it turns out he can channel. He may be avoiding the World Eye trip because he’s afraid to find out he’s the Dragon Reborn. There is also the matter of the dagger. If Moiraine hasn’t fully healed Mat, his taint can still affect his judgment. If so, it would be a sign that, as was the case in the Wheel of time books, the story of Mat’s dagger is not over. Mat is to be brought before the Aes Sedai and healed by the combined powers of the Aes Sedai.

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The Wheel of Time gives Mat a different take on world history

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If Wheel of Time continues by leaving Mat behind, it would effectively exclude him from the journey through The Scourge and anything else that’s supposed to happen through the Eyes of the World. It also means he probably won’t be there when Dragon Reborn’s identity is finally revealed. Wheel of time choosing not to do any of these things with Mat raises questions about what he plans to do with him instead. Unless the show pulls from an event far in Mat’s future, his story in Wheel of time The remaining two episodes of Season 1 have to be different from what happened in the books.

Mat’s decision could trace the story of his next book

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Wheel of time may have done more than just change his role in Eye of the world end. His story in the second volume, The big hunt, would never have happened if he had not entered the Ways. Mat’s arc in The big hunt revolved around an incident where Fain stole Valère’s dagger and horn that they retrieved from the World’s Eye. This happened when the group returned to Fal Dara after visiting the Eyes of the World. Fain stealing the dagger and the horn forced a separate group to form in an attempt to hunt him down. It was established that if they did not get the dagger back, there was no way Mat could ever be healed. Because Wheel of time has cast some of its Fal Dara characters already, it looks like the show is indeed gearing up to tell a version of that story, but where Mat will fit in has become a major mystery.

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