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The ‘Children’s Book Blog’ was created to help parents in Southborough find books they would like to read to their children. (Scroll down to read more about my background “expertise”.)

The books recommended in the posts are available either through the Southborough Public Library or through their interlibrary loan scheme.

Besides finding books just for fun, I highlight books on (hopefully) useful topics.

Good reads for fun:

For educational purposes:

Seasonal themes:

how i started

My kids and I used to read so many picture books that it was suggested that I start a blog of my favorites.*

I believe the key to encouraging reading in children is to enjoy it yourself.

I hate reading boring, dull, or boring books, no matter how much my kids like them. (Yes, I mean you: Barbie, Thomas, Strawberry Shortcake and the Disney paperback sequels/prequels, and even the ever-loved Dora and Diego books – although some of those Dora/Diegos are good reading books for beginners).

When my son was a baby and my daughter was a toddler, I found reading for her was the best way to keep her happy while I was nursing her.

Since it seemed like an endless event (and reading the same book over and over was driving me crazy) I used to read about 20 picture books a day. This fueled first Cassie’s avid reading, then Michael’s, and his constant desire for “new books.”

I started using children’s books to address parenting issues, encourage learning, etc. So I started applying this to my blog posts. I hope other parents will also find these books useful.

* This blog was originally written for the Southborough Library website and reposted on My Southborough. When the library website was revamped, it became too difficult for them to maintain a “blog” on the site. I created this linked page to help fill that gap.

Click here to access the Southborough Library website for information on their resources and catalog.

(Photos by Susan Fitzgerald)


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