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Author Courtney Vowell Woodward with Family Dynamics

Danielle L. Forbes with her book BIG THINGS

Certified Educators Start a Company to Simplify the Publishing Process

USA, Aug. 24, 2022 / — At Home Author coaches know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the publishing process. That’s why teacher-turned-authors Weber, Plumeri, and Tornetto began using their skills as educators to help budding authors achieve publication success.

Former teacher Courtney Vowell Woodward released her first book, Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound, in March 2022 to rave reviews from teachers and parents.

“As someone who was changing careers and aspired to be a children’s book author but knew nothing about the process, At Home Author allowed me to dive into the author’s world with the greatest of ease.” Woodward says, “The advice and amount of information I received was invaluable to the success of my first book!”

Current teacher Danielle L. Forbes was inspired to write a book based on her own experience as a mother. “When I came home from the hospital after my caesarean, my eldest didn’t understand why he had to be gentle with me while I was healing. That’s what gave me the idea for a picture book – I couldn’t find anything else on the subject. Her book, BIG THINGS: A Story for Older Siblings of C-Babies, was released on June 4, 2022 and has already created a buzz with current and future mothers.

Weber, Plumeri and Tornetto started the company because the publishing industry can be overwhelming. Information online is often conflicting… and none can be easily found in one place. “As Certified Educators, we wanted to help. We wanted to do what we do best: teach! says Weber.
At Home Author has already helped hundreds of people write, publish and market their children’s books and set them apart from the crowd.

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