Children’s Book Review: “Loud Mouse” by Sisters Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel


You can’t tell Elsa’s story from Frozen without Anna, or the story of Elphaba from Nasty without Galinde. That’s why it’s so fitting that the Tony-winning actress and singer who originated both roles, Idina Menzel, makes her publishing debut with her own sister, Cara Mentzel, with a new Disney/Hyperion children’s book. As Frozen and Nasty, noisy mouse is a story about the power of brotherhood, finding your voice and learning to use it.


Dee is a mouse who loves to sing and her biggest fan is her little sister Cara Lee. But when Dee takes her big voice to school to show and tell, a funny thing happens. His big voice makes her whole body sound big and she suddenly finds herself uncomfortable with all the attention. To feel good about her special gift, she will need her sister’s love and support.

With colorful illustrations by Jaclyn Sinquett, noisy mouse tells a touching story of love and encouragement. Inspired by their own experiences, Idina and Cara become Dee and Cara Lee, with fans of the Menzel/Mentzel sisters seeing their own stories reflected in the characters. The memoirs of Cara Mentzel, Singing lessons: a story of sistersserves as a companion piece for parents after a bedtime reading noisy mouse helped their own little ones get away from dreamland. Cara’s experience raising children and Idina and Cara’s experience as mothers help them create an inspiring and fun picture book for children and parents.

noisy mouse is a perfect gift for kids who feel shy or siblings of kids who get a lot of attention for their natural talents. They can relate to Cara Lee’s love and support for her talented sister, or Dee’s insecurities about getting a lot of attention. Apart from the lessons that can be learned, noisy mouse is also a fun story full of anthropomorphized animals.

With its glittering dust jacket, love story and charming illustrations, noisy mouse is a winner from start to finish.

Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel will next appear in the documentary film Idina Menzel: Which path to the stage? come Disney+.

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