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Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist? He can be contacted at

The Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt had the largest collection of texts (scrolls, in fact) from the ancient world. Some estimates put the number up to 400,000.

But that’s tiny compared to the 170 million items in the world’s largest collection of books today, the Washington Library of Congress.

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about what we’re going to read by the fireside or, in my case, in the recliner in my bedroom. I would like to recommend some outstanding books and then at the bottom of this column announce an upcoming event here in town.

The Devil and Karl Marx: The Long March of Death, Deception and Infiltration of Communism by Paul Kengor. As Marxism is experiencing a resurgence around the world, this book is a must read.

How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin J. Schmidt. Each page is a treasure. You will be amazed at the impact of Christianity on almost every aspect of life, from science to the arts.

The Myth of Charisma: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Olivia Cabane. Among the endless self-improvement books on the market, this is one of the best.

Red, White, and Black: Saving American History from Revisionists and Rascals, edited by Robert L. Woodson Sr. A very good antidote to the poison of today’s political correctness. Stacey Abrams should read this but won’t.

The collected stories of Eudora Welty, introduction by Ann Patchett. The handwriting of the beloved Mississippi author, who died 20 years ago last July, is on display in full here.

False alarm: how climate change panic is costing us billions of dollars, hurting the poor and

Fails to fix the planet by Bjorn Lomborg. After reading this talk to your sons and daughters in high school and college and find out what they’ve never been told.

Will Rogers — A Biography by Ben Yagoda. The life of an American national treasure – both entertaining and informative.

Paul Harvey’s America: The Life, Art and Faith of a Man Who Transformed Radio and Inspired a Nation by Stephen Mansfield and David Holland. For decades, Harvey’s radio commentaries have fascinated the country. Here is the rest of his story.

The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past by Jarrett Stepman. The best and most balanced defense of Columbus, Jefferson, Jackson and other well-known heroes.

Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the False History That Turned a Generation Against America by Marie Grabar. A true historian exposes a false but influential one.

San Fransicko: why progressives are ruining cities by Michael Shellenberger. The title says it all.

On the theme of libraries and books, the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation will sponsor its next “Lunch & Learn” on Friday December 3 at noon. The speaker will be Maestro Richard Prior, conductor of the Lagrange Symphony Orchestra. With an ensemble in tow, Maestro Prior will offer a program that is both musical and educational called “Magical Moments of Music”. For more information and to register, visit

Lawrence W. Reed, a resident of Newnan, is President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. His most recent book is “Was Jesus a Socialist? »He can be contacted at



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