Book Review: “We Always Knew: A Novel” by Mina Hardy


Jewelann Jordan is married to Ken, a controlling man, and has a sixteen-year-old son named Eli, who is struggling. She’s not at all happy in her marriage, she’s an out-of-control shopaholic (she’s had other addictions before this one), and they’re in debt living in her family home, in need of a lot of repairs. It’s time for her 25th high school reunion, and she’s happy to know that Christian will be there, he broke her heart 17 years ago, and she gets revenge on him that night. Then it’s back in her life, until Christian shows up and rents their guesthouse, and she’s afraid Ken will find out what happened that night. Ken acts weird himself, Christian continues to flirt with Jewelann, his son grows closer to Christian, which panics Jewelann, and a corpse is found in the garden. It all leads to shocking revelations, one after another, there are so many in a row, you’ll need a dash, and leads to a shocking death. A solid thriller, which starts off a little slow but kicks into high gear, and with all the twists and turns turns into a good year-end murder mystery.

you can pick up We knew from the start in store Tuesday, December 6 from Crooked Lane.

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