Book Review: “Stay Awake: A Novel” by Megan Goldin


Liv Reese wakes up one morning not knowing where she is and goes to her apartment. She doesn’t have her keys or her purse, but she has some cash. She also has a bloody knife. When she arrives at the apartment, it’s not hers and the people living there don’t know anything about her or her roommate Amy. It seems like she’s forgotten everything for the past two years, the last thing being at her desk job answering the phone. She has a bunch of messages written on her body, including… Stay Awake and Don’t Sleep. She learns that the body of a man has been found murdered and that she is the prime suspect. She needs to stay awake and get away from the police. She has no idea what happened that night and she has someone after her who knows about the murder. As she begins to uncover her shocking past, she must stay one step ahead of the killer and try to remember what happened two years ago. Another solid thriller from author Megan Goldin, not quite as good as her previous efforts.

you can pick up To stay awake in stores Tuesday, August 9 at St. Martin’s Press.

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