Best LGBTQ love books to read for Valentine’s Day


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  • Representation of all kinds matters in literature.
  • As a queer person, I love finding new queer romance books with a diverse set of characters.
  • These recommendations are winners, bestsellers, and exciting new titles.

As a queer person, I will always remember the joy of my first queer romance novel, where the girl didn’t get the guy and instead found true love with another woman.

Representation of all kinds is important in literature; Sexually and gender-diverse romances offer LGBTQ readers the chance to see themselves in all kinds of magical love stories.

The books on this list feature gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and other love stories featuring cisgender, transgender, and non-binary characters. We’ve gathered these titles from award lists, bestseller lists, and reviewer recommendations on Goodreads. So whether you’re looking for an emotional lesbian romance or a rom-com with a non-binary hero, here are the best LGBTQ romances to read in 2022.

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The 22 best LGBTQ romance books to read in 2022:


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