A Shared Love: Xavier Zsarmani Sr. Jr. Describes the Joy of Fishing in New Children’s Book | Local News


Taylor Jedrzejek

Fishing is a common pastime for the Zsarmani family. Over generations they have taken to the water to cast a line in the water and relax, bonding over the shared experience and the stories they can tell.

Now they want to share that experience with the world. With their new children’s book “How to Catch a Bully Fish”, Xavier Zsarmani Sr. and Xavier “XJ” Zsarmani Jr. have described what a day on the water was like for their family.

“It’s just something we like to do,” Zsarmani Sr. said. “The book’s assembly was so organic.”

To obtain the contents of the book, Zsarmani filmed a fishing trip he and his son – their “Bro Time” as XJ calls him – went on last summer. The couple often go fishing on Lake Norman or other local ponds in the area.

“We go fishing a lot,” said Zsarmani Jr. “My favorite part is when the fish jump out of the water.”

Zsarmani Jr. then demonstrated, as any true fisherman would, that the fish they caught was almost as big as he was. He admitted it was cool to see him with his father’s face on the cover of a book.

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For Zsarmani Sr., the chance to write this book with his son was more than he could have imagined. Although the publication and printing of the book itself was difficult, the end result was worth it.

“The fact that I can look into (XJ’s) eyes and say ‘we are authors’ is a beautiful thing,” Zsarmani Sr. said, with XJ repeating it to her. “My mother instilled in me a taste for reading and I wanted to pass it on to her.

“Books last forever and I wanted to leave (XJ) with something that would last forever.”

Along with the book’s release, the new authors will hold a pair of book signings in the area. The first will take place on Saturday at 4 p.m. at MLK Park in Statesville and the second will be held at ESC Park in Troutman on Sunday at 4 p.m.

“We just wanted to be able to bring people together. We miss the joy, the hugs, the laughter of the outdoor experience,” said Zsarmani Sr. “It’s a perfect transition into spring.

“It’s fishing season soon too,” Zsarmani added smiling at his son.


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