7 shops to visit before “Read a comic in public” day


DENVER (KDVR) — Modern American existence seems inseparable from companies like Marvel these days, with Disney+ dropping a new comic book-inspired movie or show every few weeks, but did you know it was a time when comic book readers felt more comfortable hiding their affinity for this kind of literature?

Nowadays, there is not only a vast library of comic book content to watch on streaming platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but there is also an international holiday called “Reading a Comic Book in Public Day which was created to help alleviate the stigma attached to indulging in comic book culture.

According to Wired, the inaugural iteration of the party happened on August 28, 2010 when Brian Heater and Sarah Morean, co-creators of the now-folded Daily Cross Hatch, decided to take action to eradicate the sense of shame that comes with reading a comic in public. Thus, the party was born, falling annually on the birthday of one of the genre’s most renowned creators.

Jack Kirby, whose birthday was August 28, was the prolific comic book creator who helped create a wide range of well-known cartoon heroes in the world. Marvel Universe including X-Men, Hulk, Thor and much more. He died in 1994.

To help celebrate these comics that Kirby and other creators like him have produced, we’ve put together a list of local comic book businesses you can visit to prepare for your Proud Public Read Holiday.

All C Collectibles

1250 South Abilene St., Aurora – 2510 East Arapahoe Road, Centennial

The two All C’s collectible stores offer visitors the opportunity to buy, sell and trade comics, maps, coins and collectibles.

Something unique about this company is that alongside its location in Aurora, All C’s has a game arena where you can test your Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons skills.

black and read

7821 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada

Music and comic book lovers will find their account in this store where you can feed your appetite for vinyl, tabletop games, card gamesand of course, the comics you need to celebrate the international holiday well.

hall of justice

10136 Parkglenn Way, Unit #109, Parker

This Parker-based spot is consistent when it comes to weekly drops, which you can keep up to date with through its weekly “Overview of final orders.” Responses and comments are used to gauge the number of new issues to order.

This shop is equipped to get you through the holidays reserved for proud public reading, but if you’re planning to delve further into the world of comics, keep an eye on the company’s blog. for newer versions.

Jeff’s collectible empire

8966 West Bowles Ave., Unit S, Littleton

Originally serving the public in 2010 as an online marketplace for comic books and collectibles aplenty, Jeff’s has since found a physical home, cutting the ribbon on the Littleton location as of October 2018.

The company has a very active Facebook page, which has links to collectibles auctions, like WWE action figures, a Nolan Ryan autographed baseball and collectible comic booksJust to name a few.

Time Warp Comics and Maps

3105 28th Street, Boulder

One of the oldest entries on this list is this Boulder-based brick-and-mortar that opened in 1984.

Imported comics, books, and trading cards of all kinds are just a few of the many collectibles you can buy from the store that boasts the best selection of graphic novels in the state.

Mile High Comics

4600 Jason Street, Denver

According to its landing page, Mile High Comics is the nation’s largest comic book retailer, with over 10 million comics in stock. Its online marketplace offers visitors the ability to browse an extensive database of over 500,000 purchasable issues.

If you feel a visit in person, the 45,000 square foot mega store in downtown Denver is likely to have what you’re looking for, including toys, collectibles and more.

Mutiny Information Café

2 South Broadway, Denver

If you want to indulge in pinball while you think about which comics, vinyl, and other collectibles to take with you, then check out this storefront near West 1st Ave. and Lincoln St.

Mutiny offers a free subscription service with benefits if you want to maintain your comic book reading habits beyond the international day.


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