6 new marketing books to read in 2022


Every business leader knows that having a great product or service offering isn’t even half the battle. The most successful businesses are those that stand out from the field and gain awareness and interest among customers. You may have the best offer in your industry, but without effective marketing, your business doesn’t stand a chance.

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to step up their marketing efforts can always turn to classics like Seth Godin’s. It’s marketing or Neil Patel hustle. But you should also be sure to check out these five new books that will help you master marketing and drive great results for your business.

This book explores the rapidly growing channel of partnership marketing, a model in which brands create a program filled with trusted and transparent partnerships and only pay partners for previously agreed-upon results such as sales, leads, or traffic. . Robert Glazer is the founder of Acceleration Partners, the world’s largest partnership marketing agency, and explains why companies need to invest heavily in partnerships, and provides a playbook on how to get there.

Jantsch is the author of one of the most respected marketing books, Marketing of adhesive tape, and his new book teaches readers how to develop a system to get every customer from where they are to where they want to be. Jantsch’s system is honed by over 30 years of experience working with thousands of brands, and it has takeaways you can use to build your own marketing engine.

Chance is an award-winning professor and speaker at Yale, but before that she was a highly successful social media influencer. This new book is an in-depth review that will help you rethink much of what you know about influence, including why your negotiation strategies can make you less influential, how to make your ideas stand out, and much more.

Yovanno is the CEO of impact.com, a leading partnering technology platform with a $1.5 billion valuation. This book shares case studies of impact.com’s work with Fabletics, Target, Walmart and many others to demonstrate how marketing partnerships can be a growth channel for any business and why companies that join the partnerships now will reap outsized returns.

Hormozi is an entrepreneur who has built a thriving business without traditional marketing tools and techniques. Rather than using a state-of-the-art marketing funnel, detailed analytics, or carefully crafted email sequences, Hormozi and his team used a simple strategy: They made customers offers they didn’t. could not refuse. Hormozi shares a system for businesses to charge more, improve their offerings, and impress customers, all without following proven marketing rules.

Effective marketing requires constant learning. If you read these five books, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to jump-start your business marketing efforts in 2022.

Schwartz is a proven SEO expert with over 10 years of experience delivering results – literally, millions of dollars – for top-tier B2B and B2C businesses. His work spans popular websites, including clients such as WordPress, Quora, and Zendesk. Schwartz cut his teeth in SEO by growing SurveyMonkey’s organic search result from 1% to one of the company’s top global revenue streams. He is a much sought-after speaker at business schools and conferences around the world.

According to Schwartz, SEO requires a strategic mix of data-driven logic and fostering a creative, individualized atmosphere that allows for trial-and-error experimentation. The best SEO strategy for your business will be do not be the same as for your competitors. Schwartz shows how to leverage your company’s unique selling points to achieve exceptionally better results.


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