5 books to read during pregnancy


5 books to read during pregnancy

August 22, 2022, 7:10 p.m.
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These books will keep you calm during your pregnancy period.

The first pregnancy experience is always full of ups and downs.

During this time, expectant mothers experience a great deal of fear and anxiety regarding childbirth and their ability to properly care for the newborn.

However, some pregnancy books can help calm you down and make it a rather pleasant journey.

Here are five books to read while pregnant.

‘HypnoBirthing’ by Marie Mongan

Published in 2016, HypnoBirth was written by Marie Mongan and is a must-read for any pregnant woman.

This novel celebrates life in general and motivates you to embrace natural childbirth to better connect with your unborn child.

It prepares you for childbirth emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Moreover, it teaches you to stay calm and collected during your pregnancy period.

“The Seven Day Change” by Kelly Harms

This novel teaches you to be happy in life, however different it may be from that of your neighbour.

The story revolves around two mothers Celeste and Wendy who are completely different from each other. Celeste is a housewife while Wendy is a working mother.

After a neighborhood potluck, they wake up in each other’s bodies, uncovering their complicated lives.

‘Mom & Me & Mom’ by Maya Angelou

This uplifting book on black motherhood is an autobiographical series by Maya Angelou.

The novel explores Angelou’s troubled relationship with his mother Vivian Baxter.

It’s about healing and love evolving between the two over time.

Angelou was three years old when her mother abandoned her and the story shows how she is rebuilding her life and achieving success.

“Eleven O’Clock” by Pamela Erens

Written by Pamela Erens, this book tells us about the wonder and brutality of childbirth.

Two mothers-to-be with dark pasts are in difficult labour.

Lore is admitted to the hospital alone and meets Frankline, a pregnant nurse in a maternity ward who has her own past traumas.

Lore’s past and present collide as she struggles to give birth to her newborn baby.

This moving novel will make you realize that mothers can do anything for their children. It also highlights the social stigma surrounding poverty.

Land’s memoir revolves around her struggle to provide a better life for her daughter.

She takes the job of housekeeper and dreams of something big despite her low income.

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