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What comics did you like when you were a kid? Chances are, a few favorites may come to mind!

Most kids love comics, and it’s no wonder. With their colorful images and exciting storylines, the comics are so much fun to read. There are many benefits to reading comics too, and they’re especially useful for engaging reluctant readers.

At the same time, comics may not seem like the best reading material out there. Plots can be frightening or overwhelming. The images can sometimes be graphic. Naturally, parents and teachers might want children to focus on healthier books instead.

Fortunately, there is a whole world of comics to create characters. These books actively promote good moral education, as they show noble figures who choose to do what is right even when it is difficult.

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So where to find them? A great reliable source for comics is Voyage Comics, which focuses on Catholic stories and themes (and they just released issue # 5 of their hugely popular series, Finnian and the Seven Mountains!).

Here are 3 of our favorites from Travel Comics about real Catholic heroes. Reading them will help your children dive deep into the riches of Catholic history and see what a life with Christ in action looks like!

1Joan of Arc’s mission

The true story of an incredible real-life Catholic hero is vividly described here. This story gives the children so many examples of virtue in action: Saint Joan acts with courage, honesty, honor and above all, total trust in God. And it’s absolutely captivating read!

2Patrick Peyton’s story

Using television, radio and film, Father Peyton was a modern day missionary who encouraged devotion to the Blessed Mother and inspired families to pray together. This book shares the incredible true story of the “American Apostle of the Family Rosary” with the next generation. It is also available in Spanish!

3Champion of the Poor: Father Joe Walijewski

This book is a beautiful testimony to the life of this holy priest of Wisconsin who dedicated his life to the service of the poor. Humor, adventure, and a great love for Christ are central themes that will stay with readers long after they have put the pages down.

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